Manage all kind of conversations with your customers in |

Increase in customer satisfaction in text channels when compared to voice communication
More conversion using promo chatbots
of customers using messengers in everyday life
More messages read than email
One chat for customers - variety of seamlessly connected workflows for businesses
Agent console for sales and service in chat
One window for all text-channels
Mobile and desktop access
Multiple agents and groups with complex routing
Ready-made chat-bots for quick-wins
Quick-win integrated solutions for marketing, sales, HR, and loyalty workflows
Bot-development studio for unique tasks
The core of our product is tech-oriented bot-development software for IT-professionals which allows for the creation of chatbots of any complexity
Apple Business Chat - the brand new customer experience is the Messenger Service Provider of Apple Business Chat

With Business Chat, your customers can easily get assistance, schedule appointments, and complete purchases with Apple Pay - right from Messages!

Please contact us for getting the account!
Be wherever your clients are!
Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Microsoft Teams, SMS, online chat widgets. With SherlockIM, you get every text channel that modern businesses need!
World-class expertise
Sherlock platform is chosen by the world's best companies
Mortgage pre-approval chatbot increases website conversion up to 52%

Internal corporate bots help employees 24/7 with IT-support and HR online services

The launch of the platform has resulted in the creation of a competence center for chatbot development within the company
Chatbot helps customers with device selection and purchase. With dozens of careline agents ready to help in that same channel. Deep integration with retargeting advertising also included.

As the platform goes live, internal chatbots quickly takes their place (e.g. 'Rothmans'' brand anniversary chatbot game with employee prizes)
The project started with an omnichannel support center, which combines all popular text-channels, then became a big mission for exploring messenger marketing and bot-based automation.

Made in alliance with 'dau agency'
The following projects are made by our partners who use the platform as a cost-effective tool to expand their portfolios
Partner: "Family agency"

Project: Promotion chatbot lets customers to participate in the loyalty program and get prizes for purchases
Partner: "KonnectU"

Project: Another promotion bot (now targeting older customers). Thousands of whisky purchase confirmations went through it and enrich the partner's CDP-platform
Partner: "KonnectU"

Projects: Dozens of chatbots for Unilever's brands - from loyalty program support to bot with culinaryskills - all deeply integrated with CRM and marketing dat
We have been turning our experience into ready-made and quick launch solutions that will take your business to the next level
Discover some of ready-made bots and workflows
Reception / Booking
Hotel bot
Sales Funnel
AI / Neural Network
Bot-receptionist increases visits up to 20% through SMS and Messenger notifications
After clients book an appointment, they will receive a SMS message providing a chatbot link

In the chat window, clients can also manage their visit and build a route to the physical office. The bot can also present special offers or contact information for the Manager to clients.
Concierge-bot: a mobile app for your hotel that works in any messenger!
Bot helps you get up to 18% more income per guest by selling your extra services and increasing guest's loyalty

  • Help guests to get to the hotel
  • Present hotel services and facilities
  • Make special offers
  • Check guest's satisfaction
  • Remind guests to write feedback

Bot is available on any smartphone and in different languages. No installation required.
Interactive chatbot sales funnel for advertising in social media
It's a simple, but powerful, approach for increasing social media ads efficiency

Develop unique funnels for every audience and grow them personally

We have cases with up to 33% conversion rate to subscription on bots from the promo post
Loyalty or rewards bots for retail
Stores can place a QR code in the payment zone or in the sales hall, and bot will register customers for Loyalty Program

  • It is the easiest way for customers to join the loyalty program
  • All customer data from bot can enrich CRM or other customer databases
  • Increases customer engagement
Promo bots for FMCG
FMCG brands can use promo bots for:

  • Contest creation with prizes from brand
  • Direct communication with audience
  • Feedback solicitation
  • Promotion of new products
AI Integration has connectors for the best AI solutions

Automated FAQs
Context tips for agents
Intellectual routing

Any other AI NLP/NLU technology can be easily connected to the platform
The Platform
Chat Center
  • Developed for high-load, text-based contact centers with multiple agent groups
  • Interface optimized for agent' maximum efficiency
  • Unites all text channels (such as web-chats, messengers, social networks) in one window
  • AI support for the agents (contextual hints from connected neural network or automatic first line support)
  • Seamlessly integrated with chatbots for a wide range of tasks

Bot studio
The core of the Sherlock Platform. It is a fully functional bot development environment or backend for any bot-based projects

  • Cloud or on-premise deployment
  • API, ready-made connectors and system tools for simple integrations with any external software
  • Architecture built for professionals by professionals

Free to use for chatbots with less than 50 monthly active users! Contact us for your developer account!
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