Today retail businesses suffer huge losses due to the closure stores for quarantine. Many of them have to fire employees.
But for a speedy recovery after the crisis, it is highly important
to keep a team of the most knowledgeable and active sellers.

On the other hand, there is growing competition for online traffic and the rapid growth of advertising costs. To survive and develop retail has to ensure the maximum conversion into sales from the website and social networks.

There is the solution!

Boost your online sales
even you haven't got e-shop!
Just connect you best salespersons and online-buyers using livechat, messengers or socials!
Try Sherlock - the first messaging platform that helps you to pick up leads and to sale online through chats using agents or bots
Agent workplace
Combines messages from all channels. Contains customer data and product catalog
All text channels
Set your customized livechat for site.
Connect messengers and socials
Pick-up and convert leads in socials,
qualify leads on web-site
Give you online-customers
a presence effect through the live chat with an expert
How it works: Agent Live chat
We give all needed tools for efficient online sales!
Experts can answer clients from desktop or smartphone whenever they are!
Our experts will show you a full demonstration
of Sherlock Platform features and give your useful advices to start sales in chats!
We can connect all messengers and social networks to increase accessibility your sellers for costumers and get more advantages such as mailings.
Sherlock Platform offers Apple Business Chat to help clients meet customers where they are

We are proud to support Apple Business Chat, which offers a powerful, engaging new way for businesses to connect with their customers where they are and when they want, using Apple products. Businesses that use Sherlock Platform can easily sign up to try Apple Business Chat beta.

Apple Business Chat helps to communicate with customers throughout their whole life cycle: from first contact with promo chat-bot, making purchases quickly and securely using Apple Pay and great customer support any time after.

Apple Business Chat is now available in beta for users and businesses worldwide, and is built into iOS 11.3 or later. The new chat suggestions feature is available starting with iOS 13. For more information visit:

Unlock superpower of messengers - be personalized!
Use interactive chatbot-funnel to boost your conversion rate!

Analyze your costumers, find their needs and pains

Divide the segments and set the targeting ad

Create a chatbot funnel with personal offer to each segment

See the growth of engagement and conversions rate
Wants to explore?
Let's suppose that you are owner of beauty shop with three types of costumers.
Look, how chat-bot helps Stew to find the best gift
Beauty-shopaholic, constantly searching for something new and unusual
Looking for a gift for his girlfriend. Doesn't understand anything in perfumes and cosmetics
Student, looking for inexpensive gifts for
Mother Day

Growth of engagement rate with
color stylist chatbot by Madison Reed

Conversion rate from coupon to order
with HelloFresh Chatbot

The average open rate for mailings
in messengers
Want to know more how chatbots can improve your marketing and sales?
Video calls (beta)
Connect the best consultants and buyers through video calls
right in computer or smartphone browser!
No special soft needed!
place the video call button
on the product page.
CLICKING the button
Set up a one-touch connection
Video communication uses the Web RTC standard, which provides streaming audio, video and content from the browser to the browser in real time without installing plug-ins or other extensions.
Your client does not need any special settings, just open a web page. The consultant can stream using the camera
of a smartphone or tablet.

Look how it works
Our clients
We work with retailers, banks, FMCG brands
and other b2c companies
The chatbot for mortgage application accepting and
on-line support

Chat-bots for BTL-campaigns: register, updates, support
Live agents for customer care and self-service bot for leading sports retailer
Forex club
Tech support in messengers and live chat for traders all over the word
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