Sherlock Platform
Powerful Conversational Commerce platform that combines lead generation, customer care and sales processes in one system
Customers don't want to feel like a part of a crowd,
they want to feel as though your business is there to serve
their specific needs. Chatbots let your offering one-on-one
services to your customers.

Unlock superpower of messengers - be personalize!
Increase engagement of your Ad campaign using different conversational funnel with chatbot for each audience.
Give a special offer via the conversation - set the product, the price and the conditions relevant to costumer's needs and wants
Collect customer information using chatbot's surveys and enrich your CRM-system to get a new insights!
Use interactive chatbot-funnel to boost your conversion rate!

Analyze your costumers, find their needs and pains

Divide the segments and set the targeting ad

Create a chatbot funnel with personal offer to each segment

See the growth of engagement and conversions rate
Wants to explore?
Let's suppose that you are owner of beauty shop with three types of costumers.
Look, how chat-bot helps Stew to find the best gift
Beauty-shopaholic, constantly searching for something new and unusual
Looking for a gift for his girlfriend. Doesn't understand anything in perfumes and cosmetics
Student, looking for inexpensive gifts for
Mother Day

Growth of engagement rate with
color stylist chatbot by Madison Reed

Conversion rate from coupon to order
with HelloFresh Chatbot

The average open rate for mailings
in messengers
Sherlock lets your create individual chatbot funnel
for as much audiences as you want in a simple way.
Our platform is a powerful tool to create push-button chatbots for any use-cases and markets.

Use Sherlock to get an advantages and save time and money:
  • Set a chatbot ones and it will works simultaneously in all messengers to cover much more costumers
  • Bots can work in chat on the website or app and improve its usabilit
  • Integrate bots with your CRM or CDP system for most personal communications

Want to bring your business to the top of conversational commerce?
Use Sherlock on the whole customer journey!
Look through our extra helpful tools
Self-service bots
Use chatbot to qualify a leads and redirect
them to the responsible agent.

Scale your customer support with chatbots that help costumers to solve their routine tasks like changing or tracking order, subscribing, find a store by themselves.

Place into the chatbot answers for frequently asking question to reduce queries
to support team.

Live agent chat
Don't lose customers over confusion or questions. Sherlock could help you to answer customer requests from multiple support channels under one roof in real-time.

Use costumer data from your CRM and ready templates for quick and high-quality response

You can also monitor their queues, balance workloads and tap into metrics

Mailings in messenger
Probably you have already use e-mail to offer useful contents, discounts or special offer to costumers, but it is one-way communications.

Use mailings in messengers with built-in chatbots to provide interactive and personal offers with quick response functions.

Note that mailings in messengers has
3X higher open rate than e-mail.

Our clients
We work with retailers, banks, FMCG brands and other b2c companies
The chatbot for mortgage application acceptation and
on-line support

Chat-bots for BTL-campaigns: register, updates, support
Live agents for customer care and self-service bot for lead sports retailer
Forex club
Tech support in messengers and live chat for traders all over the word – makes it easy for businesses to sell products and answer questions in the world's most popular messaging channels